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2020 Quilt Show

Meticulous Award Ribbon Winners

(Originally the Arlene Gutzeit Meticulous Award Ribbon)

  • 1989 A. Margaret Johnson Untitled Quilt
  • 1991 Dare MacKellar Flotsam and Jetsam
  • 1993 Dixie Haywood Oak and Sumac
  • 1995 Nancy Davison Nanny’s Wedding Star
  • 1997 Martha Stokes Matthew’s Quilt
  • 2000 Eva Sullivan Love, Mom
  • 2002 Bette Haddon Sunshine & Shadows
  • 2004 Karen Williamson Wedding Memories
  • 2006 Mary Fairhurst Selected Variations
  • 2008 Sandy Wolf
  • 2010 Alice McKinney Baltimore Album
  • 2012 Ingrid Whitcher Frog in Repose
  • 2014 Voe Nelson Rising Polaris
  • 2016 Sharon Thiel An Afternoon in Paris
  • 2018 Barbara Doster Serene with a Sprinkle of Feathers

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