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2022 Mini-Quilt Auction Challenge

Click here to view all the quilts up for auction.


  1. Your quilt may not exceed 24in on any side. It does not have to be square, but if it is round or oval, the longest dimension may not exceed 24in.
  2. It must have a sleeve for hanging. The sleeve does NOT have to be a “standard” quilt-show size, but should finish no smaller than 2 inches (cut 4.5 inches) (We can help with odd shaped quilts!)
  3. It must have a label with your name and the date of completion on it.
  4. It must be your own work, you cannot have it quilted or bound by any other person.

That is it.

You can piece, paint, applique, thread paint, foundation piece, in any fashion you want and it can be hand or machine quilted. There is no color or additional technique requirement. It can be a TRUE miniature quilt (1:12 scale) or it can be an art quilt.

Turn-in Date: September Guild Meetings - Thurs, 9/15 or Tues, 9/20

Viewer's Choice: At the October Guild meetings members will vote and ribbons will be awarded.

Great Gulf Coast Art Festival: Your quilt will hang at the arts festival in the PQG booth, Nov. 4, 5, 6, 2022

Auction: All quilts will be live auctioned.  Many Mini Quilt Auction

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