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2024 Many Mini Quilts

We are going to try something different with our MMQ in 2024. As you will remember, we had a live auction in 2022 to raise money in the “off year” between quilt shows. While we were very successful in our endeavor, we realized that it was mainly guild members buying each other’s quilts. I know I personally gifted five quilts to sisters/sisters-in-law thanks to your efforts.

This year we would like to try to sell our Many Minis at the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival. There was a lot of interest and many inquiries when we displayed them prior to our auction in 2022, but we were holding onto them for the auction. This time, we will sell them outright!

So, how can you help?   Make a quilt and donate it to the guild for sale or auction.


1. Your quilt “should” not exceed 24” on any side. It does not have to be square, but if it is round or oval, the longest dimension “should” not exceed 24”.

2. It must have a sleeve for hanging it (we can help with odd shaped quilts).

3. It must have a label with the title of the quilt, your name and the date of completion on it.

We are going to be "flexible" on sizes as someone may wish to donate a table runner. Whatever you donate just needs to fit on our 24” wide black-felt hangers. You can piece, paint, applique, thread paint, foundation piece, or collage a quilt; and it can be hand or machine quilted. And – it does not have to be quilted by YOU! There is no color or additional technique requirement. It can be a true miniature quilt or it can be an art quilt. You can even collaborate on it with a friend.

Turn-in Date: No later than the September Guild Meetings - Tues, 9/24 or Thurs, 9/26. You may turn them in to Cena as early as June and she will store them at her home.

Viewer's Choice: At the October Guild meetings, members will vote on their favorite quilt. They will be hung for voting on Tues, 10/22 and Thurs, 10/24. At the Thursday meeting, the Viewer's Choice Ribbons will be awarded and the makers of the quilts will be invited to discuss their inspirations for these quilts.

Great Gulf Coast Art Festival: Your quilts will hang and sell at the arts festival in the PQG booth, Nov. 1, 2 and 3, 2024. Any quilts not sold at the festival will be auctioned at the Quilt Show in March 2025.

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