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2024 Many Mini Quilts  - ANOTHER change in plans! (Cena keeps on keeping on...)

I have changed so many things this year for MMQ that I decided one more change can’t hurt. There have been so many questions that I decided to run the booth at GCAF as if it was a boutique this year. ANYTHING you have made and are willing to donate to the guild will be accepted. Table runners, tote bags, purses, placemats, baby quilts etc. will be accepted and sold at the booth. If they do not sell at the booth, they will be handed to Allison on Sunday afternoon for sale in the boutique at the quilt show.

What about the minis, you ask? Well, I still prefer mini quilts to anything! I have decided to stick to that 24ish inch rule for a quilt to qualify as a mini. ONLY the minis will be hung at the October guild meetings and be eligible for viewer’s choice ribbons. SO – GET TO WORK! 

Any “left-over” minis will be auctioned at the quilt show as previously discussed, but the other items will be moved to the boutique. AND – if you plan to have your mini in the quilt show for judging, I will just need it in September and October for the guild’s show. You are free to take it home after viewer’s choice ribbons have been awarded.

Please do not give me more than 5 Items of one type; and donations for the GCAF must have quilting of some type on them since our heritage art is QUILTING. We will not do consignments for the Arts Festival since having consignees would prevent our ability to sell tickets for our Opportunity Quilt.


1. Your quilt “should” not exceed 24” on any side. It does not have to be square, but if it is round or oval, the longest dimension “should” not exceed 24”. If you have questions, just ask Cena for verification.

2. It must have a sleeve for hanging it (we can help with odd shaped quilts).

3. It must have a label with the title of the quilt, your name and the date of completion on it.

What if you want donate a Mini, but you also want to enter it in the quilt show? THAT is GREAT! If it is done by September, turn it in to Cena so it can hang at our guild displays in October and qualify to win a Viewers' Choice ribbon. Cena will return it to you after the October meeting so you can keep it for the quilt show. That quilt would not be hung for viewing/sale at the Arts Festival, but would be auctioned at the quilt show instead. 

Turn-in Date: No later than the September Guild Meetings - Tues, 9/24 or Thurs, 9/26. You may turn them in to Cena as early as June and she will store them at her home. If you are unable to attend the meeting, call Cena to arrange a separate drop off date/time.

Viewer's Choice: At the October Guild meetings, members will vote on their favorite quilt. They will be hung for voting on Tues, 10/22 and Thurs, 10/24. At the Thursday meeting, the Viewer's Choice Ribbons will be awarded and the makers of the quilts will be invited to discuss their inspirations for these quilts.

Great Gulf Coast Art Festival: Your quilts will hang and sell at the arts festival in the PQG booth, Nov. 1, 2 and 3, 2024. Any quilts not sold at the festival will be auctioned at the Quilt Show in March 2025.

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