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2023 Quilt Show Information

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Entrants (Membership & Registration) The entrant must be a Pensacola Quilters Guild (PQG) member. PQG membership must be current on the date of registration for the show, and membership must also be current prior to Take-In Day for the quilt show. Any current member may enter up to five (5) quilts in the quilt show. Entries are limited to quilts that have not been entered or judged in a previous PQG quilt show.
Quilt registration and payment by credit card can be performed online at the guild website. Additionally, an entrant may register quilts online and perform payment by cash/check at a guild meeting. Arrangements will be available to assist people who have no computer or need assistance with technology including picture taking.
Quilt registration will open on November 1, 2022 and close on December 31, 2022.

Quilts All entries must contain three (3) layers: top, middle, and backing. The entry must be quilted, not tied, with the following exceptions: crazy quilts, yo-yo quilts, cathedral window quilts, and wool quilts. Additional exceptions to this rule will be decided upon by the quilt show chairs on a case-by-case basis. During judging, quilts will be stacked on top of each other. Therefore, all entries must be in pristine condition, free of pins, loose threads and pet hair, as well as offensive odors, e.g., perfume, smoke, mothballs, mildew, chemicals, etc. The quilt show chairs reserve the right to remove any quilts that do not meet these criteria. Quilts not in compliance with the rules will be returned to the entrant.
All quilts must be available for judging and display from Saturday, March 11, to Saturday, March 18, 2023. 
No quilts will be removed prior to 4:00 pm at the end of the show. 

Quilt Turn-In

March 11, 2023 Hillcrest Baptist Church, 800 E. Nine Mile Rd., Pensacola, 32514
Volunteer Staff: Begin at 8:30 am

Drop off of Quilts: 10:00 am–1:00 pm. Please be prompt. If you are unable to participate in drop-off during this timeframe, alternative arrangements must be made in advance.
All work on each entry must be complete at this time.

Bags No bag is required for the quilt show. Any bags brought to drop-off day will be returned to the entrant for safe-keeping.
Quilts that need special handling (rolling or flat) are limited to no larger than 400 x 400 unless approved by the registration committee. Please contact the quilt show chair in advance if you have questions or need accommodations.

Sleeves All quilts must have a sleeve with an opening of four (4) or more inches sewn to the top back of the quilt. The sleeve must have ¼–½0 of ease between the outer edge of the sleeve and the quilt back. The hanging sleeve must be sewn (not pinned) to the quilt prior to submission for the show.
An exception is made for small quilts which may be turned in with a 20 sleeve that would allow the insertion of a curtain rod.

Labels A label for your quilt should be affixed to the bottom right-hand side of the back of your quilt. At a minimum, it should have the entrant’s name and the name of the quilt on it. Any additional information on the label is acceptable, but should be covered with painter’s tape so no personal information can be viewed by the judge. If your permanent label is currently affixed elsewhere on your quilt, create a small temporary label for the bottom right-hand corner of the back of the quilt to be in compliance with this drop- off request. The initial label may be covered with opaque cloth or tape so the judge cannot see the quilter’s personal information.

Judging & Awards All quilts, except the unjudged category, will be judged; each will receive a judge’s critique. The critique will be distributed to the entrant at the end of the show during the pick-up process. The number and type of ribbons awarded in each category are at the sole discretion of the judge. Not all ribbons in all categories may be awarded. The judge’s decisions are final.
        The judge will select the Best of Show quilt from all of the Blue Ribbon winners. The Meticulous Workmanship Ribbon will be awarded to a blue ribbon winning quilt by a solo artist who has not previously won the Meticulous Workmanship Award. There is the potential that this ribbon may not be awarded at the show. Judge’s Choice and three Judge’s Recognition awards will be based on the judge’s own criteria. The Best of Show, the Meticulous Workmanship Award, the Judge’s Choice, the Judge’s Recognition’s ribbons, and any other ribbons of merit will be awarded and hung on the quilts in a ceremony conducted at 10:00 am on Friday, March 17, 2023.
        The Viewer’s Choice Award goes to the quilt that receives the most votes from quilt show attendees and will be announced at 2:30 pm on Saturday, March 18, 2023.
        The Opportunity Quilt Winner will be drawn at 2:45 pm on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

Judged Quilts for Sale Entrants who wish to sell their quilt during the show should state the sale price on the entry form. The Boutique will handle the sale and the guild will retain a 10% to 25% commission depending on whether the entrant has worked the required shifts. The entrant retains any ribbons awarded.

Quilt Check-Out The quilts will be ready for check-out (pick-up) beginning no earlier than 5:00 pm on March 18, 2023. The entrant will bring the required paperwork that was distributed on drop-off day.
        Questions regarding the quilt show should be directed to
        Or contact Sandy Smith or Cena Harmon at their personal emails listed in the PQG member directory.

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